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Efficient foam cutting services in Harrow

For foam cutting services in London, contact Cumfi Cushions today. We will be glad to help you and offer expert advice where needed.


Refurbishing your old furniture

The padding in your furniture can get worn out after years of use. At Cumfi Cushions, we provide foam cutting services at affordable prices. Based in Harrow, we have a wide range of foam types for you to choose from and you can choose the most appropriate foam type that suits your requirements. Get in touch with our team for more information on our foam cutting services.

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Why choose loose covers?

- Keeps your furniture comfortable
- Reasonably priced
- Easy care and washing
- Wide range of fabrics and colours
- Environmentally friendly

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Foam for soft furnishings

We can cut foam for a wide range of furnishings such as sofa sets, cushions, armchairs, boat cushions and many more. We can also provide tailor-made covers for cushions and furniture of all sizes. Contact us for further information.


Looking for foam cutting services in London? Call Cumfi Cushions on 0208 907 8021.


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